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Non-Music Electives

Non-Music Electives

In all B.Mus. programs, students are required to complete a minimum of three (3) elective credits from courses offered by other faculties. Students admitted from high schools outside Quebec, not holding a DCS, must complete an additional six (6) credits of non-Music electives (as part of the program prerequisites – Freshman program) for a total of nine (9) credits. Students should note that certain programs have requirements in addition to the above.

Students holding a DCS in Music are exempt from six (6) credits, and students holding a DCS in a non-Music program are exempt from 12 credits of non-Music electives. These credits will be counted towards the non-Music and/or free elective requirement.

The Schulich School of Music allows up to a maximum of 12 credits of English Second Language courses, including academic writing courses for non-anglophones, to students whose primary language is not English and have studied fewer than five years in an English-language secondary institution.

Placement tests are required for all ESL courses. For more information on placement tests, see Soon after the tests are evaluated, you will be issued a departmental approval for course registration.

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