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Music Credit Options for Students in Other Faculties

Music Credit Options for Students in Other Faculties

The Schulich School of Music offers three groups of courses that may be taken for credit by students in other faculties.

The first group consists of Music Literature and Theory courses especially designed for students from other faculties who may not have taken formal studies in music but who wish to take elective courses in the cultural, historical, and theoretical aspects of music.

The second group is the sequence of courses in music theory and history that are part of the Schulich School of Music undergraduate curriculum. These courses may be taken by those having the necessary prerequisite studies in music.

The third group of courses consists of selected music ensembles open, by audition, to students in other faculties.

For further details on these courses, please see Programs, Courses and University Regulations > Faculties & Schools > Faculty of Arts > Undergraduate > Academic Programs > Music (MUAR). Other music courses may be taken by qualified students from other faculties providing they obtain permission from the relevant department in the Schulich School of Music and from the Associate Dean of their own faculty.

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