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At the discretion of the instructor, a mark of K (Incomplete) may be given to a student who, due to extenuating circumstances, has not finished the coursework on time. The deadline for completion and submission of the required work shall be set by the instructor but may not be later than four months after the K was given. A special form for Incompletes, available from the Music Student Affairs Office, must be signed by the student and the instructor by the last day of lectures. If the final grade is not received within the specified timeline (as agreed by the instructor and student), the mark will be changed to KF (Incomplete Failed), unless an extension has been granted (KE). Completion of the course will cause the K to be replaced on official transcripts by the mark earned. A mark of K not cleared by mid-May makes the student ineligible for scholarships.

In exceptional cases, when research or an assignment cannot be completed for reasons beyond the student's control, students may be given permission by their Departmental Chair or the Associate Dean (Student Affairs) to leave a course permanently Incomplete (without penalty). The symbol K will be replaced by KK, in which case the student's Grade Point Average will be calculated without including this course.

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