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Deferred examinations are permitted in the case of illness or other exceptional circumstances. Music students requesting a deferred examination in academic courses must submit the Request for a Deferred Examination form to the Senior Student Adviser. Students requesting a deferred examination in a practical music examination must submit the form to the Performance Department Chair. Supporting evidence such as an appropriate medical note is required. If the request is approved, an L (deferred) will appear in place of a grade. The grade obtained in the deferred examination will replace the grade of L (deferred) on the official transcript.

Deferred examinations in Music academic courses are given at the discretion of the instructor. A deferred examination in a Music practical examination will be held during the next examination period.

Deferred examinations in non-Music courses will be held in May for the Fall term and August for the Winter term. Examinations will follow the rules of the faculty concerned. It is the student's responsibility to check the date, time, and place of the deferred examination.

A mark of L (deferred) not cleared by mid-May makes the student ineligible for scholarships.

Students who are unable to write a deferred exam must contact the Music Student Affairs Office immediately to initiate a withdrawal from the deferred exam. Deferred examinations cannot be written at a later date. If the withdrawal is not approved, a final grade of J (absent) will be entered and will count as a zero in the TGPA/CGPA.

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