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Outline of Academic Regulations

Outline of Academic Regulations

Academic standing is determined under a credit system as set out in the Faculty Academic Regulations contained in the Registration Materials published each academic year. This publication, which is posted on the Student Affairs Office website,, prior to registration opening on Minerva in May, contains the detailed Regulations for the McGill Program. The Faculty is also governed by the University Code of Student Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures, found in McGill’s Handbook on Student Rights and Responsibilities available at

Academic Requirements

Academic Requirements

To be eligible for a Faculty degree, you must complete the required number of credits for that degree within five years of your initial registration in the program, unless you have been granted a leave of absence by the Dean or the Dean's delegate (Regulation 5), or unless you have received permission to pursue your degree on a part-time basis (Regulation 53).

You are not permitted to be enrolled concurrently in a Faculty of Law program and the professional training program of any Bar, whether this program consists of a course of lectures or a period of articling (Regulation 4).

Full-time students at the Faculty must register for at least 12 credits each term, with the exception of your final term, if fewer credits are required to obtain your degree (Regulation 3). You will not receive credit for any course taken to fulfil the requirements of any other degree (Regulation 10).

You should anticipate at least two hours of directed study for every hour of lecture. In addition, you are obliged to write essays, attend seminars, participate in the Legal Methodology Program, and fulfil all other Faculty requirements. You are expected to devote your whole time to your legal studies, and must not undertake other studies during the academic session without prior approval of the Dean or the Dean's delegate.

The Faculty generally follows the University Examination Regulations, and evaluates all students anonymously (Regulations 19 and 22). Examinations and other assignments may be written in either English or French. Examinations are set in the language in which a course is given, but may contain materials in either French or English (Regulation 20).

If you do not pass a session, you will be required to withdraw from the Faculty, subject to your right to apply for readmission to the Faculty (Regulations 49 and 50). See for information regarding Academic Standing.

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