McGill Summer Courses in Italy

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McGill Summer Courses in Italy

The Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures, in conjunction with other departments at McGill University, offers up to 12 credits of courses given in Florence, Italy, during the months of May, June, and July, 2012.

Location: Florence, Italy

Application Deadline: March 30 , 2012

Application Details: Application forms and information are available at Note: All courses in Florence require permit overrides to register on Minerva. These permits will be issued after March 30, 2012, by Ms. Vanna Fonsato or Dr. Enrica Quaroni, only to students who have applied and paid course costs.

CLAS 348 (Not offered Summer 2012 ) (3) Greek and Roman Topography
ENGL 347 (3) Great Writings of Europe 1
ITAL 206 (6) Beginners' Italian Intensive
ITAL 216 (6) Intermediate Italian Intensive
ITAL 255 (6) Advanced Reading and Composition
ITAL 307 (3) Topics in Italian Culture
ITAL 308 (Not offered Summer 2012 ) (3) Business Italian 1
ITAL 309 (3) Perspectives on Italy
POLI 359 (3) Topics: International Politics 1
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