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ENGL 347 (3) Great Writings of Europe 1

Topic for May 2012: Passions of the Renaissance

Powers and dangers of passion in Renaissance writers from the courtly lovers of 13th Century Italy to the rakes of late 17th Century England; the nature of erotic passion, its relation to other forms of desire; same-sex desire; the relation between desire and disgust. Site visits in Florence and other cities.

For specific details about course content, please consult Prof. M. Kilgour, Department of English.

Offered: Section 001 (May 7–June 1, 2012)

Location: Florence, Italy

Application Deadline: March 30, 2012

Application Details: Application forms and information are available at . Note: All courses in Florence require permit overrides to register on Minerva. These permits will be issued after March 30, 2012, by Ms. Vanna Fonsato or Dr. Enrica Quaroni only to students who have applied and paid course costs.

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