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Awards and Honorary Designations: Scholarships, Prizes, and Medals

Awards and Honorary Designations: Scholarships, Prizes, and Medals

Various scholarships, prizes, and medals are open to returning and graduating students. Full details can be found in the Undergraduate Scholarships and Awards Calendar available at For information, see Programs, Courses and University Regulations > University Regulations and Resources > Undergraduate > Scholarships and Student Aid.

As a registered student, you are automatically considered by the Undergraduate Scholarships Committee for each award for which you are eligible, with the following exceptions for in-course scholarships: James Hartt Schurman Memorial Award, Rio Tinto Alcan – Richard Evans International Exchange Award, Danny and Monica Gold Award for Academic Excellence, Hundredth Anniversary MUS Graduating Class of 2007 Scholarship, Sheila Wellington BMO Financial Group Awards, KPMG Scholarship, Commerce '55 Scholarships, Hyman Herbert Stein Award, Donald R. McRobie Award, Great-West Life & London Life Scholarship, Hugh Howson Memorial Prize, Dr. Alex Paterson Scholarship, Paul-Hervé Desrosiers Scholarship in Entrepreneurial Studies, Shirin Yeganegi Memorial Scholarship, HSBC Bank Canada Management Awards, Bruce and Jocelyn Pearson Scholarship, and RSM Richter Scholarship in Accounting, Marcel A. Desautels BCom Scholarship, and HSBC Women in Business Leadership Award. The Stephen S. Goldbloom Memorial Prize is the exception for a graduating student. For these, the Undergraduate Scholarships Committee welcomes applications and recommendations, substantiated by curriculum vitae, from individual students, student groups, and clubs. Such information should be forwarded to scholarship [dot] mgmt [at] mcgill [dot] ca. A minimum of 27 graded credits must have been completed in the year to be eligible; 14 credits in one term.

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