The McGill Community for Lifelong Learning (MCLL)

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The McGill Community for Lifelong Learning (MCLL)

Our society is in the midst of a major demographic shift, as a record number of people approach retirement age. And now more than ever we understand that intellectual stimulation and social activities are essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle as we age. Want to find out more about subjects that have always fascinated you? Or study for the sheer joy of learning? Enrich your life by meeting others who share your interests? MCLL is perfect for you.

MCLL is a community of dedicated moderators and learners from diverse backgrounds and life experience who are committed to personal growth through peer learning and active participation in small study groups. Members are encouraged to participate, and to research and use the McGill libraries. There are no educational prerequisites, no age limitations, no exams or grades—and the cost is low.

Our five- and ten-week study group sessions, offered in the Fall, Winter, and Spring, combined with Friday and Saturday lecture series, and Wonderful Wednesdays in the summer, ensure a wide range of learning and social opportunities for everyone. For over 20 years, MCLL has been stimulating and rejuvenating Montreal's retirement community. Join us for a rewarding experience on a new path of personal growth.

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