Science Office for Undergraduate Student Advising (SOUSA)

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Science Office for Undergraduate Student Advising (SOUSA)

The Science Office for Undergraduate Student Advising (SOUSA) provides ongoing advice and guidance on academic issues related to programs, degree requirements, registration, course change, withdrawal, deferred exams, supplemental exams, academic standing, inter- and intra-faculty transfer, year or term away, transfer credits, second programs, second degrees, and graduation.

Every student in the B.A. & Sc. degree is assigned an adviser in SOUSA. The adviser’s name appears near the top of your Advising Transcript on Minerva. You can contact your adviser directly, or if you do not yet have a SOUSA adviser, email [at]

SOUSA advisers provide assistance with degree planning and are a valuable referral source. They are a good place to start if you are not sure where to address your question. They also offer help managing academic situations during periods of personal, financial, or medical problems, by working with you to identify various possibilities and strategies for making informed decisions.

Special requests can be made, in writing, to the Director of Advising Services, Science, who is responsible for students pursuing a B.A. & Sc.

The Committee on Student Standing (CSS) of the Faculty of Science will consider appeals of the Director of Advising Services’ decisions. For information about CSS, see the Director of Advising Services’ assistant.

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