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Computer Science (COMP)

Computer Science (COMP)

The School of Computer Science and the discipline are described under Programs, Courses and University Regulations > Faculties & Schools > Faculty of Science > Undergraduate > Academic Programs (Faculty of Science) > Computer Science (COMP).

The following are considered Science programs in the B.A. & Sc.:

  • Minor Concentration in Computer Science
  • Major Concentration in Computer Science
  • Major Concentration in Software Engineering

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) - Minor Concentration Computer Science (18 credits)

The Minor Concentration Computer Science is designed for students who want to gain a basic understanding of computer science principles and may be taken in conjunction with any program in the Faculty of Arts. Students are strongly encouraged to talk to an adviser of the School before choosing their complementary courses to ensure they follow an approved course ...

For more information, see Minor Concentration Computer Science (18 credits).

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) - Major Concentration Computer Science (36 credits)

This Major concentration represents an in-depth introduction to computer science and its sub-areas. Students that are interested in further study in Computer Science can combine the Major Concentration Computer Science with the Supplementary Minor in Computer Science to constitute a program very close to the Major Computer Science offered by the Faculty of ...

For more information, see Major Concentration Computer Science (36 credits).

Bachelor of Arts and Science (B.A. & Sc.) - Major Concentration Software Engineering (37 credits)

The Major Concentration Software Engineering focuses on the techniques and methodology required to design and develop complex software systems and covers the subject commonly known as "Software Engineering." MATH 133, MATH 140, and MATH 141 (or their equivalents) must be completed prior to taking courses in this program. Note: This program does not lead to ...

For more information, see Major Concentration Software Engineering (37 credits).

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