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MUPG 672D1 Liturgical Improvisation (1.5 credits)

Offered by: Performance (Schulich School of Music)

Administered by: Graduate Studies


Performance : The study and practice of cantus firmus-based improvisation according to selected stylistic models so as to provide diversity of techniques, styles and tonalities. Free improvisation is studied in conjunction with C.F. improvisation. Modulation is taught in both C.F.-based and free improvisation; emphasis being placed on clarity and liturgical appropriateness.

Terms: Fall 2012

Instructors: William Porter (Fall)

  • 1 1/2 hours
  • Students must register for both MUPG 672D1 and MUPG 672D2
  • No credit will be given for this course unless both MUPG 672D1 and MUPG 672D2 are successfully completed in consecutive terms