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MUEN 580 Early Music Ensemble (1 credit)

Offered by: Performance (Schulich School of Music)


Ensemble : An ensemble of 4-6 vocalists and instrumentalists which performs music of the Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque periods.

Terms: Fall 2012, Winter 2013

Instructors: Elizabeth H MacMillan, Valerie Kinslow, Sylvain Bergeron, Lena Weman Eriksson, Natalie Michaud, Helene Plouffe (Fall) Valerie Kinslow, Elizabeth H MacMillan, Natalie Michaud, Helene Plouffe, Matthew Dixon Jennejohn, Lena Weman Eriksson, Tom Beghin (Winter)

  • Prerequisite: Audition. Prerequisite or corequisite for keyboard players: MUPG 272.