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MUCO 245D1 Composition 1 (2 credits)

Offered by: Music Research (Schulich School of Music)


Composition : 20th Century techniques and approaches. Basic dimensions such as pitch, rhythm and timbre, and their inter-relationship at all structural levels. Notation and score preparation. Performance practice. Analysis of selected 20th Century scores. Writing of short pieces for solo instruments and small ensembles, including voice.

Terms: Fall 2012

Instructors: John Rea (Fall)

  • 2 hours
  • Prerequisite: MUTH 150; or MUTH 110 and MUTH 111
  • Corequisites: MUSP 240, MUSP 241 and MUSP 170 and MUSP 171; or MUSP 229 and MUSP 231 and MUSP 170 and MUSP 171
  • Restriction: Open only to students in Composition
  • Students must register for both MUCO 245D1 and MUCO 245D2.
  • No credit will be given for this course unless both MUCO 245D1 and MUCO 245D2 are successfully completed in consecutive terms