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CHEM 212 Introductory Organic Chemistry 1 (4 credits)

Offered by: Chemistry (Faculty of Science)


Chemistry : A survey of reactions of aliphatic and aromatic compounds including modern concepts of bonding, mechanisms, conformational analysis, and stereochemistry.

Terms: Fall 2012, Winter 2013, Summer 2013

Instructors: Youla S Tsantrizos, David Noble Harpp, Michel Daoust, Samuel Lewis Sewall, Jean-Marc Gauthier (Fall) Jean-Philip Lumb, Mitchell Huot, Michel Daoust, Jean-Marc Gauthier (Winter) Laura Pavelka, Michel Daoust, Samuel Lewis Sewall, Jean-Marc Gauthier (Summer)

  • Fall, Winter, Summer
  • Prerequisite: CHEM 110 or equivalent.
  • Corequisite: CHEM 120 or equivalent.
  • Restriction: Not open to students who are taking or have taken CHEM 211 or equivalent
  • Each lab section is limited enrolment
  • Note: Some CEGEP programs provide equivalency for this course. For more information, please see the Department of Chemistry's Web page (