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ITAL 206 Beginners Italian Intensive (6 credits)

Offered by: Languages, Literatures and Cultures (Faculty of Arts)


Italian (Arts) : Designed to cover in one term the same material as ITAL 205D1/ITAL 205D2. The Summer term will also be given in Florence, Italy, as part of McGill's Summer Study in Italy program.

Terms: Winter 2013, Summer 2013

Instructors: Anna maria Tumino (Winter) Enrica Quaroni, Vanna Marisa Fonsato, Marco Piana, Alejandro Fonseca Acosta (Summer)

  • Fall or Winter
  • 6 hours and 1 hour laboratory
  • Restriction: Not open to students who have taken ITAL 205D1/ITAL 205D2