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GLIS 689 Selected Topics (3 credits)

Offered by: Information Studies (Faculty of Education)

Administered by: Graduate Studies


Library & Information Studies : To explore a topic in library and information studies which elaborates or augments the curriculum; to pursue an individualized program of directed study which will vary according to the student's interests.

Terms: Fall 2012, Winter 2013, Summer 2013

Instructors: Carolyn Hank, Peter F McNally, Richard E Virr, Charles Antoine Julien, Gordon Burr (Fall) Kimiz Lutfiye Dalkir, Karyn Moffatt (Winter) Eun Gyung Park, Kimiz Lutfiye Dalkir, Peter F McNally, Karyn Moffatt (Summer)

  • Prerequisite: Permission of Director.

  • Corequisite: GLIS 601