Language Policy

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Language Policy

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The main language of instruction at McGill is English. You have the right to write essays, examinations, and theses in English or in French except in courses where knowledge of a language is one of the objectives of the course.

If you need to improve your English skills, you should take an intensive course in English as a second language before or at the start of your studies. Information concerning second-language course offerings can be found through the School of Continuing Studies at and the French Language Centre at:, and in the Summer Studies and School of Continuing Studies publications. There are special language requirements for Faculty of Education students; see the Faculty of Education publication.

Note for Continuing Studies: For English language programs, see the School of Continuing Studies Programs, Courses and University Regulations publication under Areas of Study > Languages > The Language and Intercultural Communication Unit – English Language Programs.
Note for Law: Due to the bilingual nature of the Law program, examinations, term papers, and essays may be written in either English or French. Participation in Moot Courts may also be in either language. While examination questions are set in the language in which a course is given, they may contain materials in either English or French.
Note for Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies: You should refer to Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies University Regulations and Resources > Regulations > Registration > Courses Taken as Extra to a Program.

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