Grading and Grade Point Averages (GPA): Unexcused Absences

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Grading and Grade Point Averages (GPA): Unexcused Absences

All students who miss a final exam are given a J grade. You then have the following options:

  1. Ask to be assigned a grade based only on the grades earned for your work submitted up to, but not including, the final exam.

    The grade earned is calculated by adding the grades obtained on the individual pieces of work and a grade of 0 for the portion of the final grade allocated to the final exam. This option is not available if the professor stipulated in the course outline that the final exam is a required part of the evaluation.

  2. Request a deferred exam, if you have the appropriate reasons and documentation.
  3. Apply for a supplemental exam if permitted by your faculty.
Note for Engineering: Option 1 is not available to students in the Faculty of Engineering.

You must request option 1) no later than four months after the end of the examination period of the original course.

You must request option 2) by the faculty deadlines as indicated at University Regulations and Resources > Undergraduate > Examinations: General Information > Final Examinations > Final Examinations: Deferred Examinations.

You must request option 3) by the faculty deadlines as indicated at

If you wish to appeal a J grade, you should write to your Associate Dean or Director.

Note for the Faculties of Arts and Science (including B.A. & Sc.): Requests are made at Service Point (3415 McTavish Street). However, it is important that you also see a Faculty adviser in Dawson Hall to talk about your options and the effects that your request may have on your studies. For more information, see
Note for Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies: Only options 2 and 3 above are applicable to graduate students. Students wishing to appeal a J grade should write to the Associate Dean (GPS) or Director (GPS).
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