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Billings and Due Dates: Guest Access on Minerva

Billings and Due Dates: Guest Access on Minerva

You may choose to give access privileges to a guest on Minerva. These privileges include viewing e-bills/account summaries, tax receipts and e-payment.

The web page describes how to set up this access. You must provide certain information about the individual you wish to grant access to your fee-related information. The guest will be contacted by email and provided with a link to use within a designated time period.

You can cancel guest access privileges at any time.

Note that Service Point staff may respond to questions from your authorized guest regarding the information to which they have been given access.

If you do not want to give a guest access privileges to Minerva, you can enter an alternative student billing email address on Minerva to which Student Accounts will send a copy of the monthly e-bill notification. However, if someone has been granted access as a guest and their guest email is the same as a student billing email address, the University will deactivate the student billing email address in order to only notify your guest about the billings once.

You should NOT share your PIN (personal identification number) with anyone, including a guest on Minerva. Guest Access allows your guest to view your account information without knowing your PIN.

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