University Government

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University Government

McGill University is a corporation created by a Royal Charter granted by the Crown of the United Kingdom, a general supervisory power being retained by the Crown and exercised through the Governor General as Visitor.

The Governors of the University constitute the Royal Institution for the Advancement of Learning, a corporation existing under the laws of the Province of Quebec. In them is vested the management of finances, the appointment of professors, and other duties. Twelve of the governors are elected by the Board from amongst those nominated by its membership committee; three are elected by the Alumni Association; two are elected by Senate from amongst its members; two elected by the full-time administrative and support staff from amongst its members; two elected by the full-time academic staff; and two elected by students from amongst the student body. The Board elects the Chancellor of the University and also, from amongst its members, a chair to preside at its meetings, who may also be the Chancellor. The Chancellor and the Principal are ex officio members.

The Chancellor is presiding officer of Convocation and of joint sessions of the Board of Governors and the Senate.

The Chair of the Board of Governors is President of the Royal Institution for the Advancement of Learning.

The Principal and Vice-Chancellor is the chief executive officer of the University, appointed by the Board of Governors after consultation with a Statutory Committee to Nominate a Principal. The Principal is, ex officio, Chair of Senate.

The Senate is the highest academic authority of the University and has control over admission, courses of study, discipline, and degrees. The regulations of Senate are executed by the various faculties and schools, which also carry primary responsibility for the educational work of the University.

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