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Student Services – Downtown Campus

Student Services – Downtown Campus

Unless otherwise indicated, all Student Services on the Downtown campus are located in the William and Mary Brown Student Services Building, 3600 McTavish Street, Montreal, Quebec, H3A 0G3.

A list of services available is given below. For further information, see the Student Services website: www.mcgill.ca/studentservices.

Student Services:

  • Brown Student Services Building, suite 4100
  • 3600 McTavish Street
  • Montreal, Quebec, H3A 0G3
  • General Information: 514-398-8238
  • Website: www.mcgill.ca/studentservices

Career Planning Service (CaPS): Provides career education, guidance, and individual advising to help you in your search for permanent, part-time, or summer jobs and internships.

  • Brown Student Services Building, Suite 2200
  • Telephone: 514-398-3304
  • Email: careers [dot] caps [at] mcgill [dot] ca
  • Website: www.mcgill.ca/caps

Chaplaincy Service: Concerned with the spiritual and mental well-being of all students.

  • Brown Student Services Building, Suite 4400
  • Telephone: 514-398-4104
  • Email: chaplaincy [at] mcgill [dot] ca
  • Website: www.mcgill.ca/chaplaincy

Counselling Service: Assists with psychological, emotional, and interpersonal issues as well as vocational and academic concerns.

  • Brown Student Services Building, Suite 4200
  • Telephone: 514-398-3601
  • Email: counselling [dot] service [at] mcgill [dot] ca
  • Website: www.mcgill.ca/counselling

First Peoples’ House: Fosters a sense of community for Aboriginal students studying at McGill.

  • 3505 Peel Street
  • Telephone: 514-398-3217
  • Email: firstpeopleshouse [at] mcgill [dot] ca
  • Website: www.mcgill.ca/fph

First-Year Office: Helps ease the transition of all students new to McGill. Coordinates "Discover McGill," a one-day, campus-wide University and faculty orientation.

  • Brown Student Services Building, Suite 2100
  • Telephone: 514-398-6913
  • Email: firstyear [at] mcgill [dot] ca
  • Website: www.mcgill.ca/firstyear

Health Services and Dental Clinic: Provides access to experienced physicians, nurses and health educators who offer health services and information in a confidential atmosphere. Also operates a laboratory offering a wide array of testing, and a dental clinic.

International Student Services: Offers support to international students on non-academic matters (immigration, health insurance, etc.), runs a Buddy Program and an orientation program.

Mental Health Service: A psychiatric clinic that offers easily accessible treatment for mental health problems.

Scholarships and Student (Financial) Aid Office: Provides assistance in the form of loans, bursaries, and Work Study programs to students requiring financial aid.

  • Brown Student Services Building, Suite 3200
  • General Information: 514-398-6013/6014
  • Telephone: 514-398-4807 (Scholarships)
  • Email: student [dot] aid [at] mcgill [dot] ca
  • Website: www.mcgill.ca/studentaid

Office for Students with Disabilities: Coordinates services to meet the needs of students with disabilities.

  • Brown Student Services Building, Suite 3100
  • Telephone: 514-398-6009
  • TDD: 514-398-8198
  • Email: disabilities [dot] students [at] mcgill [dot] ca
  • Website: www.mcgill.ca/osd

Tutorial Service: Sponsors an extensive tutorial program for students.

  • Brown Student Services Building, Suite 4200
  • Telephone: 514-398-6011
  • Email: tutoring [dot] service [at] mcgill [dot] ca
  • Website: www.mcgill.ca/tutoring
Programs, Courses and University Regulations—2011-2012 (last updated Feb. 3, 2012) (disclaimer)
Programs, Courses and University Regulations—2011-2012 (last updated Feb. 3, 2012) (disclaimer)