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How to Register Using Minerva

How to Register Using Minerva

Go to Minerva and follow the step-by-step instructions. You can register and/or make course changes using Minerva ONLY during the periods indicated in the Minerva Registration Schedule. For more information, see Minerva Registration Schedule 2011/2012.

Before Going to Minerva:

  • Read the timetable and registration instructions carefully. Not all courses are offered each term. Keep this in mind when selecting your courses. You can only register for one term at a time.
  • See an Adviser. If you wish to substitute required courses or enrol in courses outside your program, you must obtain written approval from your academic area, otherwise the course may not be recognized for credit toward your program. If you need to see an adviser, call your academic area well before registration to make an appointment.

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Problems Using Minerva?

If you have any program or course-related questions regarding registration, contact the Client Services Office at 514-398-6200. If you have problems using Minerva, contact the Minerva Help Line at 514-398-4474.

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Can't Remember Your PIN?

If you cannot remember your PIN, you can reset it using the “Forgot Pin?” button on the Minerva login page. If you are unable to reset your PIN, call the Minerva Help Line at 514-398-4474.

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