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Registration for Continuing Studies Students

Revision, June 2011. Start of revision.

Most students in Continuing Studies must register using Minerva, during the registration periods published in Key Dates, 2011-2012 and at www.mcgill.ca/importantdates.

Revision, June 2011. End of revision.


If you are registering for short courses or seminars, see your individual academic area for specific registration information.

You must register for at least one course prior to the end of the regular registration period to avoid paying a late registration fee of $25. You may add courses until the end of the add/drop period without penalty. If you are in doubt about what course(s) to register for, you can meet with an adviser.

Revision, June 2011. Start of revision.

You are responsible for your course selection, registration, and for ensuring that you have completed your program and degree requirements according to the regulations and deadlines indicated in this publication. Advisers and staff at the School of Continuing Studies are available to give you advice and guidance.

The School publishes an Important Dates Supplement three times a year that contains specific details on registration dates and information needed for the upcoming term. In case of discrepancy between what is published in the supplement and this publication, the supplement takes priority.

Revision, June 2011. End of revision.

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