Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.); Psychology

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Offered by: Psychology     Degree: Doctor of Philosophy

Program Requirements

All candidates for the Ph.D. degree must demonstrate broad scholarship, mastery of current theoretical issues in psychology and their historical development, and a detailed knowledge of their special field. Great emphasis is placed on the development of research skills, and the dissertation forms the major part of the evaluation at the Ph.D. level. Ph.D. students in Clinical Psychology must fulfil similar requirements to Ph.D. students in the Experimental Program and must also take a variety of specialized courses, which include practicum and internship experiences.


Required Course (6 credits)

One graduate seminar each term during Year 2 and Year 3 chosen from seminar courses PSYC 710 to PSYC 758.

Note: The Department of Psychology does not ordinarily require an examination in a foreign language. However, all students planning on practicing clinical psychology in the province of Quebec will be examined based on their proficiency in French before being admitted to the professional association.

Note: If the student has a non-McGill Master's degree then the following courses are also required:

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