Undergraduate Selection of Course Concentrations

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Course Concentrations (Undergraduate Law Programs)

Several courses of instruction may be grouped because they treat a common subject matter or theme. The following unofficial groupings of courses regularly offered in the Faculty are intended to assist students desiring to specialize in selecting elective courses. They do not represent any academic policy decision by the Faculty as to the appropriate characterization of individual offerings. Moreover, some courses appear in more than one grouping. In all cases reference should be made to the course description.

1. Basic Private Law
Civil Law Property (PRV1 144D1 / PRV1 144D2)
Common Law Property (PRV4 144)
Contractual Obligations (LAWG 100D1 / LAWG 100D2)
Extra-Contractual Obligations/Torts (LAWG 101D1 / LAWG 101D2)
2. Advanced Private Law
Civil Law
Advanced Civil Law Obligations (PROC 200)
Employment Law (LEEL 570)
Insurance (BUS2 561)
Law of Persons (PRV2 270)
Lease, Enterprise, Suretyship (PROC 549)
Successions (PRV1 555)
Common Law
Advanced Common Law Obligations (PRV3 200)
Advanced Torts (PRV5 582)
Equity and Trusts (PRV4 549)
Real Estate Transactions (PRV4 451)
Remedies (PRV3 534)
Restitution (PRV4 500)
Wills and Estates (PRV4 556)
Transsystemic Private Law
Business Associations (BUS2 365)
Commercial Law (LAWG 200)
Consumer Law (PRV5 483)
Evidence (Civil Matters) (LAWG 415)
Family Law (LAWG 273)
Family Property Law (LAWG 300)
Medical Liability (CMPL 522)
Private International Law (LAWG 316)
Secured Transactions (LAWG 400)
3. Legal Theory, Legal Traditions and Legal History
Aboriginal Peoples and the Law (CMPL 500)
Advanced Jurisprudence (CMPL 505)
Canadian Legal History (CMPL 547)
Canon Law (CMPL 502)
Feminist Legal Theory (CMPL 504)
Foundations (PUB3 116D1 / PUB3 116D2)
Jurisprudence (CMPL 501)
Legal Theory (CMPL 506)
Linguistic and Literary Approaches to Law (CMPL 507)
Roman Law (CMPL 510)
Talmudic Law (CMPL 513)
Theories of Justice (CMPL 512)
4. Human Rights and Cultural Diversity
Aboriginal Peoples & Law (CMPL 500)
Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (PUB3 515)
Civil Liberties (CMPL 573)
Discrimination and the Law (CMPL 575)
Inter American Human Rights (LAWG 503)
International Humanitarian Law (CMPL 565)
International Human Rights Internship (WRIT 020)
International Law of Human Rights (CMPL 571)
Social Diversity and Law (CMPL 511)
5. Social Law
Employment Law (LEEL 570)
Immigration and Refugee Law (PUB2 551)
Labour Law (LEEL 369)
Land Use Planning (PRV4 545)
Law and Poverty (LEEL 582)
Law and Psychiatry (PUB2 500)
6. Law of the State
The Administrative Process (PUB2 400)
Comparative Federalism (PUB2 503)
Constitutional Law (PUB2 101D1 / PUB2 101D2)
Constitutional Law of the United States (PUB2 102)
Judicial Review of Administrative Action (PUB2 401)
Municipal Law (PUB2 403)
Policies, Politics and Legislative Process (CMPL 518)
Statutory Interpretation (PUB2 505)
7. Regulation, Technology and Society
Communications Law (CMPL 577)
Comparative Medical Law (CMPL 551)
Computers and the Law (CMPL 578)
Copyright and Trademark Theory (BUS2 500)
Entertainment Law (CMPL 524)
Environment and the Law (CMPL 580)
Government Control of Business (CMPL 574)
Intellectual and Industrial Property (BUS2 502)
Medical Liability (CMPL 522)
Patent Theory and Policy (BUS2 501)
Science Technology and Law (CMPL 576)
8. Corporate Law and Taxation
Banking Law (BUS2 531)
Bankruptcy (BUS1 432)
Business Associations (BUS2 365)
Business Organizations (BUS2 503)
Corporate Finance (BUS2 505)
Corporate Taxation (PUB2 517)
Estate Planning (BUS1 414)
International Taxation (CMPL 539)
Securities Regulation (BUS2 504)
Taxation (PUB2 313)
Tax Policy (PUB2 515)
9. International Business Law
European Community Law 1 (CMPL 536)
European Community Law 2 (CMPL 537)
International Business Enterprises (CMPL 541)
International Carriage of Goods by Sea (CMPL 515)
International Development Law (CMPL 516)
International Maritime Conventions (CMPL 553)
Law and Practice of International Trade (CMPL 543)
Resolution of International Disputes (CMPL 533)
Trade Regulation (CMPL 521)
10. Public International Law
International Criminal Law (PUB2 502)
International Environmental Law and Politics (CMPL 546)
International Humanitarian Law (CMPL 565)
International Human Rights Internship (WRIT 020)
International Law of Human Rights (CMPL 571)
The Law of International Organization (PUB2 506)
Public International Law (PUB2 105)
Summer Arbitration Program (LAWG 5XX)
11. Criminal Law
Advanced Criminal Law (PUB2 501)
Criminal Law (PUB2 111)
Criminal Procedure (PUB2 422)
Evidence (Criminal Matters) (LAWG 426)
International Criminal Law (PUB2 502)
International Law of Human Rights (CMPL 571)
Sentencing in Canadian Law (PUB2 504)
12. Advocacy and the Legal Profession
Civil Litigation Workshop (PROC 459)
Criminal Procedure (PUB2 422)
Evidence (Civil Matters) (LAWG 415)
Evidence (Criminal Matters) (LAWG 426)
Extrajudicial Dispute Resolution (CMPL 568)
Introductory Legal Research (PRAC 147D1 / PRAC 147D2)
Judicial Institutions and Civil Procedure (PROC 124)
Legal Ethics and Advocacy (PRAC 155D1 / PRAC 155D2)
Legal Professions and Ethics (PUB3 424)
Trial Advocacy (PUB2 420)
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