Bachelor of Arts and Science (B.A. & Sc.) - Freshman Program (30 credits)

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Students who need to complete 97-120 credits to fulfil their degree requirements are admitted to the Freshman Program. Students with specific career goals should consult an academic adviser about their choice of program within the B.A. & Sc. However, students intending to pursue further studies following the B.A. & Sc. should refer to the admissions requirements of particular programs for the appropriate prerequisite courses.

In particular, students should note the following:

- The minimum freshman science requirements in the B.A. & Sc. may not satisfy the introductory science requirements of all medical/dental schools.

- The Major Concentration in Psychology may not provide a sufficiently focused background for admission to many graduate programs in Psychology.

- The Major Concentration Chemistry is not certified by the Ordre des Chimistes du Québec. Students interested in pursuing a career in Chemistry in Quebec are advised to take an appropriate B.Sc. program in Chemistry.

For further details, refer to information about the B.A. & Sc. Freshman Program on the website at

Foundational Courses

The Freshman Program requirements include foundational courses in both Science and Arts which must be selected as follows:


At least two mathematics courses:

One of a first Calculus:

MATH 139 (4) Calculus 1 with Precalculus
MATH 140 (3) Calculus 1
MATH 150 (4) Calculus A

One of a second Calculus:

MATH 141 (4) Calculus 2
MATH 151 (4) Calculus B

A Linear Algebra course:

MATH 133 (3) Linear Algebra and Geometry


At least three foundational science courses:

One or more of Biology or Chemistry:

* Note: CHEM 120 is not open to students who have taken CHEM 115.

BIOL 111 (3) Principles: Organismal Biology
BIOL 112 (3) Cell and Molecular Biology
CHEM 120* (4) General Chemistry 2

One of General Chemistry:

CHEM 110 (4) General Chemistry 1
CHEM 115 (4) Accelerated General Chemistry: Giants in Science

One of Mechanics:

PHYS 101 (4) Introductory Physics - Mechanics
PHYS 131 (4) Mechanics and Waves

One of Electromagnetism:

Note: PHYS 101 is a prerequisite for PHYS 102; and PHYS 131 is a prerequisite for PHYS 142.

PHYS 102 (4) Introductory Physics - Electromagnetism
PHYS 142 (4) Electromagnetism and Optics


At least three Arts courses (or 9 credits) to be chosen in two of the following three categories: Humanities, Languages and Social Sciences.

A maximum of two courses (or 6 credits) may be chosen from one category, and no more than two courses (or 6 credits) can be taken in any one department.

Note: No course may fulfil the requirements for more than one program, including the B.A. & Sc. Freshman Program.

Humanities (Literature and Civilization):

Courses selected from the following subjects:

- Art History and Communications Studies (ARTH and COMS)

- Classics (CLAS)

- East Asian Studies (EAST)

- English (ENGL)

- French Language and Literature (FREN)

- German Studies (GERM)

- Hispanic Studies (HISP)

- Islamic Studies (ISLA)

- Italian studies (ITAL)

- Jewish Studies (JWST)

- Philosophy (PHIL)

- Religious Studies (RELG)

- Russian Studies (RUSS)


Courses may be taken in this category to improve language skills.

Languages include:

- Classics (Latin, Ancient Greek or Modern Greek) (CLAS)

- East Asian Studies (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) (EAST)

- English as a Second Language (CEAP, CESL)

- French as a Second Language (FRSL)

- French Language and Literature (FREN)

- German Studies (GERM)

- Hispanic Studies (Spanish) (HISP)

- Islamic Studies (Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Urdu) (ISLA)

- Italian (ITAL)

- Jewish Studies (Hebrew, Yiddish) (JWST)

- Russian and Slavic Studies (Polish, Russian, Armenian, Czech) (RUSS)

Social Sciences:

Courses selected from the following subjects:

- Anthropology (ANTH)

- Economics (ECON)

- History (HIST)

- Linguistics (LING)

- Political Science (POLI)

- Sociology (SOCI)

Advanced Standing/Transfer Credits

Students who have completed the Diploma of Collegial Studies, Advanced Placement exams, Advanced Levels, the International Baccalaureate, the French Baccalaureate, or McGill placement examinations may receive exemption and/or credit for all or part of the Mathematics and foundational science courses as well as exemption from all or part of the Arts courses requirement of the Freshman Program. Similarly, students who have completed courses at other universities or colleges may receive exemptions and/or credits.

Advanced Placement Examination results with a score of 4 or 5 must be declared by the student at the time of initial registration at the University.

For more information about advanced standing, please consult: Students must carefully select their mathematics and science Freshman courses so that they have all the required prerequisites for their intended departmental programs.

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