Verification of Student Records: Unofficial Transcripts

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Verification of Student Records: Unofficial Transcripts (Verification of Student Records)

Subject to Changes to Student Records after Normal Deadlines, you are responsible for verifying your academic record on Minerva ( using the unofficial transcript to ensure that you are registered in the proper courses, and that the correct program information and expected term of graduation appear on your record.

If you are graduating, verify your record on Minerva before the end of your final term to ensure that the correct expected graduation term appears on your unofficial transcript; if not, you may be overlooked for graduation. You should direct any questions or problems with your record to your Student Affairs Office.

Note for the Faculties of Arts and Science (including B.A. & Sc.): As of summer 2010, requests normally made at your Faculty Student Affairs Office will need to be made at the Service Point (see However, it is important that you also see a Faculty adviser in Dawson Hall to talk about your options and the effects that your request may have on your studies. For more information, see
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