Transfer Credits

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Transfer Credits

You may be granted credit for courses passed with a grade of C or better at other universities, as long as you are within the number of credits imposed by McGill's residency requirements and program requirements in some faculties.

In general, a maximum of 60 transfer credits from other institutions may be granted. You need a minimum of 60 credits completed at McGill to qualify for a McGill degree. You must be in satisfactory standing in order to be granted the transfer credits. Courses with grades of C-, P, and S are not considered for transfer credits. The letter grades applied by the host institution take precedence over the numerical grades if both are provided.

You need to obtain approval from your Student Affairs Office for courses taken at other universities. In some faculties, you need to obtain approval from your Student Affairs Office as well as from your academic adviser before you take the courses, especially if the courses are part of your program requirements.

Grades earned at the host university for transfer courses are not entered on your McGill transcript and are not part of the TGPA or CGPA calculation.

For universities outside Quebec, it is your responsibility to ensure that the host institution sends an official transcript to the Student Affairs Office. You must submit all documents required for approval of your transfer of credits with your faculty at McGill within four months of completing your exchange program or study away. If you are studying at another Quebec university on an Inter-University Transfer (IUT) agreement, the host university sends your grade(s) to McGill automatically. For additional information, see Quebec Inter-University Transfer Agreement: McGill Students.

Transcripts for transfer courses must be received by the following deadlines:

Graduation Term Convocation
April 30, if your term of graduation is Winter Convocation in Spring
September 15, if your term of graduation is Summer Convocation in Fall
January 15, if your term of graduation is Fall Degree granted February, Convocation in Spring

Transcripts not received by the appropriate date are considered for the next graduation period only.

Note for the Faculties of Arts and Science (including B.A. & Sc.): As of summer 2010, requests normally made at your Faculty Student Affairs Office will need to be made at the Service Point (see However, it is important that you also see a Faculty adviser in Dawson Hall to talk about your options and the effects that your request may have on your studies. For more information, see
Note for Engineering students: The number of transfer credits granted will be limited to ensure that you complete a minimum of 60 credits of courses at McGill taken to satisfy your degree requirements, excluding those taken to satisfy the Required Year 0 (Freshman) courses listed in your program.
Note for Law students: In the Faculty of Law, a maximum of 15 transfer credits may be granted. To receive more than 15 transfer credits, you must obtain special permission from the Assistant Dean (Student Life and Learning).
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