Time and Credit Limit for Completion of Degree

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Time and Credit Limit for Completion of Degree for the Faculty of Arts

If you need 96 or fewer credits to complete your degree requirements, you are expected to complete your degree in no more than eight terms after your initial registration for the degree. If you are a student in the Freshman Program, you become subject to these regulations one year after your initial registration. If you need or want to exceed this time limit, you must apply to the Associate Dean (Student Affairs) for permission to continue your studies.

If you want to exceed the minimum credit requirement for your degree, you must also seek permission of the Associate Dean (Student Affairs) to continue your studies.

Permission for exceeding the time and/or credit limit will normally be granted only for valid academic reasons, such as a change of program (subject to departmental approval) and part-time status. Elective credits over the credit limit will be flagged for no credit and the grades will not count in the CGPA.

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