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COMP 202 Introduction to Computing 1 (3 credits)

Offered by: Computer Science (Faculty of Science)


Computer Science (Sci) : Overview of components of microcomputers, the internet design and implementation of programs using a modern high-level language, an introduction to modular software design and debugging. Programming concepts are illustrated using a variety of application areas.

Terms: Fall 2010, Winter 2011, Summer 2011

Instructors: Mathieu Petitpas, Maja Frydrychowicz (Fall) Maja Frydrychowicz, Daniel Pomerantz (Winter) Daniel Pomerantz (Summer)

  • 3 hours

  • Prerequisite: a CEGEP level mathematics course

  • Restrictions: COMP 202 and COMP 208 cannot both be taken for credit. COMP 202 is intended as a general introductory course, while COMP 208 is intended for students interested in scientific computation. COMP 202 cannot be taken for credit with or after COMP 250