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Parental leave

If you have employment or self-employment income, you may qualify for parental leave benefits from the Quebec Parental Insurance Plan. International students may be eligible if they have worked over a certain number of hours. Contact the QPIP for more information: http://www.rqap.gouv.qc.ca/ or 1-888-610-7727.

Undergraduate students

Your faculty's Student Affairs Office is the best place to seek information about leaves of absence.

Graduate students

Taking a leave from your graduate studies:

A leave of absence of up to 52 weeks (3 terms) may be granted by the Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Office. Requests require a medical certificate and are to be made to the department. Students may not take courses while on leave, but will retain library access and thesis guidance. More information can be found in the Graduate and Postdoctoral studies course calendar. Visit the Graduate and Post-Doctoral Studies website for details. 

While the leave is unpaid, professors may choose to provide some financial support to their students who are on leave. You will be exempt from paying tuition fees, but will be ineligible for McGill funding and internal awards during that time.

If you have federal (CIHR, NSERC, SSHRC) or provincial (FRSQ, FQRSC, FQRNT) funding, you may be eligible for parental benefits (4-6 months leave). For details, consult your Award Holder’s Guide.

IMPORTANT: You will NOT be considered a full-time student while on leave. If you currently have student loans, your loan status may be affected. Consult the financial aid office and your lending institution for more information. Additionally, your PGSS health plan will NOT be automatically renewed for the semesters that you are on leave. For information on how to opt-in to the Health and Dental Insurance Plan contact the membership [dot] pgss [at] mail [dot] mcgill [dot] ca (PGSS Member Services Officer).

NOTE to International Students:

To renew your Quebec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ), you must provide an explanation of the leave of absence in your application packet, accompanied by a proof of birth in order to avoid delays in processing.