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Registered Education Savings Plan (RESPs)

RESP providers generally require proof of full-time status along with the number of credits completed at an educational institution.

Students are normally provided a verification of enrolment form (VOE) to be completed by McGill. However, most students can now submit their proof of enrolment letters directly to their RESP provider.

This includes (as of May 6th, 2011) the following companies:

Knowledge First Financial (fomerly USC): knowledgefirstfinancial.ca
CST: www.cst.org
Heritage Education Funds: www.heritageresp.com
Children's Education Funds: www.cefi.ca

Students who can submit directly:

  • Returning undergraduates who are registered in:
    -> Arts
    -> Agricultural & Environmental Sciences
    -> Education (U0 to U4)
    -> Engineering (U0 to U4)
    -> Management
    -> Music (Bachelor programs)
    -> Science (BSc and BA&Sc)
  • Those who have not changed faculties during their course of study (e.g. BSc to BA)
  • Those enrolled in only one faculty/degree

What to submit

1. Print a Proof of Enrolment letter from Minerva – select the Credits Completed to Date option

2. Write on the letter your Agreement/Plan/Contract number (normally found on the form provided by your company)

3. Submit the letter directly to your RESP provider (they normally require your letter to indicate your status for the full academic year)

Note: For Knowledge First Financial, CST, Children's Education Funds and Heritage Education Funds, the standard August 1st deadline is applicable. You may however send your Proof of Enrolment letter twice: once prior to their deadline (showing that you are registered, but perhaps not full-time), and then again once you are indeed full-time.

Should you have questions such as what letters should be provided (and by which deadlines), when or how funds will be disbursed, or for any other matter regarding your RESP, please contact your RESP provider directly (websites provided above)

Not on the list of students above?

Contact Service Point for further information.

Students on Exchange, Study Away or CREPUQ-IUT

If you are on exchange, on a study away or completing courses at another Quebec university under the CREPUQ Inter-University Transfer (IUT), the letter will indicate “Non-resident” as your registration status. In this case, please contact or visit Service Point for further assistance. We will provide you with a letter.

Newly-admitted students

Many RESP companies require that you provide proof of full-time status by August 1st, however given that newly-admitted students can only register as of June you are advised to:

1. Submit a copy of your acceptance letter directly to your RESP provider (so they can start processing your claim)

2. Once you have registered full-time, follow the steps above


  • My RESP company did not accept the letter, what should I do?

In many cases, the letter was not accepted because you did not provide the “Proof of Credits complete to-date” letter. You MUST choose this option when generating the letter from Minerva.

It is also recommended that you provide the letter that indicates full-time enrolment for both the Fall and Winter terms. In the “Term(s)” box, scroll down to choose “Fall&Winter 20xx/20xx (Full-Time)”.

Another reason why the RESP company may reject your letter is that you have not completed enough credits to change academic year. Should the company require additional information about your academic record, we recommend providing the company with a transcript, or contact Service Point for further assistance. 

  • My RESP company requires McGill to send the letter directly or they want an original, what should I do?

The letter from Minerva is considered an original document. It features the McGill letterhead and uses data directly from your student record; it is considered official.