Options for Studying Abroad

Options for Studying Abroad, Exchange


Often referred to as “going on exchange”, exchange means to study at one of McGill’s partner universities while earning credit at McGill and paying tuition to McGill.

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Independent Study Away

Independent Study-Away

Independent Study-Away means to study away at another university (may be referred to as the ‘host school’) while earning credit at McGill. Tuition is paid to the host university.

Consult your student affairs office to learn more.

Options for Studying Abroad, Internship


Internships allow you to gain valuable on-the-job knowledge in your field. Consult the internship database to find internships on campus and beyond.

Get details from McGill’s Internship Offices Network (ION).

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Field Study Semester

Individual off-campus courses focused on the physical and social aspects of the environment. These are opportunities for upper-year students to apply knowledge gained in the classroom.

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Student Testimonials"I really appreciate my experiences in Australia, and my time there made me more independent and more confident... I’d go back in a heartbeat!"
- Viv, 2014 exchange student