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Exchange Process: Apply

1. Before you begin

You should have the following information ready before starting your application:

  • Your statement of purpose for participating in the exchange (a page or less) in the language of instruction of the host institution. This applies to all your choices of exchange institutions (you can select up to 4 choices). Your statement of purpose should include:
    • your reasons for applying to go on exchange to your selected host institution(s);
    • how you expect the courses to be taken at the host institution will contribute to the successful completion of your McGill degree;
    • how the exchange opportunity will impact your life in terms of career, community work and life experience;
    • how you intend to contribute to community activities both on and off campus when you return home.
  • A list of courses. You need to submit a minimum of 8 courses per host institution for each term you plan to participate in an exchange. Note, this list of courses serves only as a preliminary study plan to demonstrate that the course offerings at the host institution are compatible with the requirements of your McGill program. Therefore, you do not need to have these courses officially approved by your advisor at this time.
  • The U21 essay is not required to complete, you will be automatically considered for the award should you get nominated to a U21 institution.

2. Start an Application

To begin an exchange application, you must go to the Minerva Exchange Request Form.  To access the request form, log on to Minerva and navigate to: Student Menu > Student Records Menu > Exchange/Study Away Menu > Request for Exchange.

3. Exchange Application Fee

A $150.00 non-refundable application fee will be charged to your student account.

4. Complete and Submit Your Application

Complete and submit your application by the application deadline.

Remember: once your application is submitted, it cannot be modified.

Should you wish to make changes, you will have to cancel your application and complete a new one. Note: the deadline of January 15th still applies.

Note: Application review will not begin until AFTER the deadline. Therefore, do not rush through your application, cover all your bases, and only submit when ready.

If you want to cancel your request for exchange, notify Service Point as soon as possible.  Please remember that the exchange application fee is non-refundable.


Questions? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.


Applying Tips

Tip lightbulbMinerva Help

  • Minerva will time out within 90 minutes of no activity so have your information ready electronically to paste into the form.
  • If you need more details regarding the fields on the Minerva Exchange Application form, click on the question mark at the end of each field or on the page-specific HELP link at the top right corner of the Minerva form.