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  • Want to get away? Earn McGill credit or recognition while you discover a new environment.

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  • Frederiksborg Castle admired by Sarah Mongeau-Birkett while on exchange at the University of Copenhagen.

  • Like to show off? Send us your photos taken while away on your international academic experience. Email predeparture@mcgill.ca

    Email predeparture@mcgill.ca
  • Surfing: one of the perks of going on exchange in Australia. Picture of Mireille Le-Ngoc (and a friend) taking a break from studying while on exchange at the Unviersity of Melbourne.

  • Welcome visiting students from institutions around the world! Click on "For Students Coming to McGill" to learn how you can study or research at McGill.

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There's no teacher like travel! Whatever your field, international study or research can help you develop the adaptability and other life skills you'll need in a changing global environment.