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Pre-Departure Orientation

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If you missed Fall Pre-Departure but won't be travelling until April 2016, check back here in March, when we'll re-open registration for our Spring Pre-Departure!

Who must attend Pre-Departure Orientation?

All students who are traveling outside Canada for University-related activities, such as exchanges, internships, independent study-away, field study semesters, research, and international clinical rotations, who have not previously attended Pre-Departure Orientation.

Graduate students traveling outside Canada to attend an international conference or formally organized workshop are invited but not required at Pre-Departure Orientation. Completion of the Travel Registry form on Minerva is required.

NOTE: All students traveling outside Canada for University-related activities are required to complete the Travel Registry form on Minerva.

Topics covered include:

  • Advice to help you travel as safely as possible;
  • Government-issued advisories and how they affect your plans;
  • Healthy travel;
  • Insurance, budgets, and travel documents; and
  • Pre-departure reflection

Pre-Departure Orientation is offered every Fall and Spring semester.

**NOTE for Faculty of Medicine M.D.C.M. students only: There will be a special online session for students participating in an international clinical rotation or clinical elective rotation outside of Canada and the U.S.A. This will begin the week of the 23rd of November and will remain open until November 30th. This material as well as the mandatory pre-departure video will be available to you on MyCourses and must be completed in order to receive approval for the international elective or family medicine special rotation.

All students travelling must complete the Registration for Pre-Departure Orientation form. Further details will be sent once you are registered, specific to your destination or expected destination. In the registration form above, please ensure you select ‘Faculty of Medicine-MDCM’ from the Faculty field and select the MCDCM-only regional session from the Regional Session field.