Course approval & transfer credits

Consulting your faculty

It is very important to consult with your faculty to obtain approval for the courses you want to take while studying abroad. 

Best Practices:

  • Have courses approved by your faculty before you leave for your travel activity
  • Have more courses approved than you actually intend to take (8-10 per term), in case you run into problems getting into the courses you had pre-approved for your faculty.


Use the Course Equivalency Database to explore courses you can take at other universities that may count towards your McGill degree.


Use the Course Approval and Transfer Credit form on Minerva:

  • This form is used to let your faculty know which courses you plan to take at your host university.
  • You must complete this form before you leave for your term away.
  • It is important to seek the course approvals as soon as the course schedule is available at the host.  Should the courses you chose not be approved for transfer credit you want to have time to submit other courses for approval.
  • Once you have completed the Course Approval Form you must contact the appropriate departmental and/or faculty advisers to notify them that there are courses waiting to be reviewed.   


How to access the Course Approval and Transfer Credit Form

  • Login to Minerva
  • Select the Student Menu.
  • Select the Student Records Menu.
  • Select Exchange/Study Away Menu.
  • Select Request for Course Approval and Transfer Credits.
  • Click on Select beside the application that you would like to access.
  • Consult the appropriate departmental and/or faculty advisers if you have questions or require more information.


Note: If you are traveling to a country or region with an elevated travel advisory, you will need to get special permission. Learn about travel advisories.


Transfer Credit Policies

Remember McGill’s Transfer Credit Policy:

Students who participate in a formal university exchange shall be eligible to transfer earned credits back to McGill if the grade earned in the host university course(s) is equal to or higher than the grade / CGPA required to graduate from the host university. The policy shall apply to both elective and required course credits.

For students who study away at a non-partner institution they must receive a minimum grade of “C” for credits to be granted.

Once your official transcripts from your host institution is received and reviewed, the appropriate McGill transfer credits can be viewed on your unofficial transcript in Minerva.


Any Questions?

If you have questions regarding the course proposal form and/or transfer credits, contact your faculty's Student Affairs Office.