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Often referred to as “going on exchange”, exchange means to study at one of McGill’s partner universities while earning credit at McGill and paying tuition to McGill. You essentially switch places with a student that is coming from that partner university to study at McGill. Partner universities have signed an exchange agreement with McGill. There are a limited number of exchange positions for each partner university.

Learn more about exchanges.

Independent Study-Away

Independent Study-Away means to study away at another university (may be referred to as the ‘host school’) while earning credit at McGill. Tuition is paid to the host university. You must have at least a 2.7 CGPA to participate.

Consult your student affairs office to learn more.



Internships allow you to gain valuable on-the-job knowledge in your field. Consult the internship database to find internships on campus and beyond.

The Internship Offices Network (ION) is the coordinating body for the teaching, learning and administrative units of the McGill faculties that organize and provide internship opportunities.

Field Study Semester

Field Study Semesters (packages of courses) and individual off-campus courses focus on the physical and social aspects of the environment. These are opportunities for upper-year students to gain practical experience and a chance to integrate and apply knowledge gained in the classroom.

Field Study Semesters are offered in East Africa, Barbados and Panama, and there are many off-campus courses to choose from. They are offered in various regions around the world in the Fall or Winter term.

Field courses (usually offered in the summer months) are offered in places as varied as Italy, Mexico, or Brazil and in disciplines in Arts, Engineering (including Architecture), Science, Law, or Management.

Learn about these ongoing field studies:

Africa Field Study Semester (CFSIA)

Barbados Field Study Semester (BFSS)

Barbados Interdisciplinary Tropical Studies (BITS)

Neotropical Environment Option (NEO)

Panama Field Study Semester (PFSS)

Summer Opportunities

  • International Hellenic University, Thessaloniki, Greece

McGill Summer Studies in Greece (MSSG) 8 June - 5 July 2015. Join fellow McGill students along with students from other accredited institutions around the world in one of Greece’s most vibrant and cosmopolitan cities, Thessalonilki. Upon successful completion of the programme, receive 3 credits. Apply by 3 April 2015. (Apply early as spaces might fill up before this date.) Learn more.

  • Freie Universität Berlin International Summer and Winter University (FUBiS), Germany

FUBiS May 30 - July 11, 2015 (6 weeks); July 18 - August 15, 2015 (4 weeks). Each term may be taken separately. Students can choose between subject courses (mostly taught in English) and German language courses. The subject courses are offered within the fields of Architecture, Art history, Politics, Humanities, Social Sciences, Cultural Studies, History, and Music. The subject courses may be combined with a semi-intensive German language course.
The German language courses are offered on up to five different levels of proficiency and take place as semi-intensive (3 days per week) or intensive (5 days per week) classes. The semi-intensive courses may be combined with a subject course.
Study visits within Berlin are an integral part of all our courses. In addition, FUBiS offers field trips to the Berlin Reichstag and a River Boat Tour through Downtown Berlin as well as day and weekend trips to Weimar, Dresden, and Hamburg. For further information on the FUBiS program, tuition, registration, housing, and scholarships please visit www.fubis.org or contact fubis [at] fubis [dot] org.

  • Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), Hong Kong

Summer Undergraduate Research Programme (SURP). 8 June-14 August 2015.  Students participating in SURP will conduct a research project under the supervision of a CUHK faculty member for approximately 8 to 10 weeks.  Upon successful completion of the programme, receive 3 credits. Apply by 2 February 2015.

  • The University of Hong Kong (HKU), Hong Kong

The HKU Summer Institute: Asia as the Global Future. 21 June - 19 July 2015. Key Themes: Asia in the World; Economic Transformation and the Challenges of Growth; Politics and Human Well-being; Culture, Civil Society and Social Movement. Two weeks in Hong Kong, one week in Beijing, and one week in Seoul. Open to undergraduate students. Students from U21 institutions (llke McGill) will be given a 300 USD discount. Apply by April 10, 2015.

  • The University of Tokyo: Summer Program on Media Content Studies, Japan

The University of Tokyo: Summer Program on Media Content Studies. 23 July to 6 August 2015. The program will be focusing on film, television, and social media.The theme is “Mediated Worlds: Sociality, Publicness and Celebrity.” It will examine socially mediated publicness in its many forms, including idols, voice actors, film stars, and television and net celebrities. The program is aimed at those who are enrolled in a Masters or Ph.D. program, or have recently obtained a Masters or Ph.D. in art, humanities, or the social sciences. Upper-level undergraduates, who intend to pursue graduate study in a related field in the future, are also welcome to apply. No tuition or registration fees. Funding availbale. Apply by 17 March 2015 (JST).

  • Singapore Management University , Singapore

Singapore Management University (SMU) Global Summer Programme 29 June - 24 July 2015. Intensive global and Asian-focused programme where students will have the opportunity to combine high quality academic and cultural experiences while in Asia. Students may also embark on a 1-week learning journey to another Asian city meant to complement the courses. Apply by March 31, 2015

  • IESEG School of Management, Paris

International Summer Academy Global Business & Management 1-24 July 2015. More than 100 students from around the world are attending. Apply by 18 May 2015.

Postgraduate International Summer Academy Responsible & Sustainable Management. 6-19 July 2015. Training to graduate students with a business related degree, or young professionals, through interactive lectures, case studies and company visits. Apply by 18 May 2015.

French Culture Spring Session. Improve your French Language skills, enhance your knowledge of French culture and gain insight into Arts, Fashion and Cultural Management. Apply by 30 April 2015.

  • e3 Summer programs organized by the University of Alberta

Students may combine up to three of the following program components during their summer abroad (May - August 2015): Language study, Internship placement (work or research), Academic coursework. 3 locations to choose from: Berlin, Brazil, D.C. Apply by 2 February 2015

  • U21 Summer School: Cities and Citizen Engagement in the Digital Age, Glasgow, Scotland

1 – 15 July 2015, University of Glasgow, UK. The 12th U21 Summer School 2015 theme is Cities and Citizens in the Digital Age and will offer a programme of seminars and practical experiences demonstrating how new technologies can be used to support and improve the vital components of a fully functional city. This will cover citizen engagement, transportation, energy, big data, protecting vulnerable groups and physical regeneration, with a focus on how key services are increasingly informed and influenced by emerging technologies. Apply by 27 Feb 2015 by contacting the kalyna [dot] kruczowyj [at] mcgill [dot] ca (McGill International Education Office).

  • Warwick International Summer School, UK

19 July - 8 August 2015, University of Warwick, UK. Warwick Internaional Summer School offers short credit-bearing courses. A fee is required which covers the academic programme, campus accommodation and social activities. Apply by 29 May 2015, or apply by 29 April 2015 to get the early-bird rate.

  • Manchester International Summer School (MISS), UK

12 - 31 July 2015, University of Manchester, UK. Manchester International Summer School (MISS) offers a program where students explore British culture and history, and discover contemporary Manchester and its region through a mixture of lectures, seminars, field trips and social activities. Two scholarships offered. Apply by 13 April 2015.

  • University of Birmingham, UK

Birmingham International Summer School (BISS). Explore the art, achitecture, literature, music, design and popular culture that form the basis of British culture and heritage on the Cultural Heritage programme. Gain a valuable insight into the fascinating yet challenging field of quantitative finance on the Mathematical Finance and Financial Time Series Analysis programme or learn about the importance of sport and health for people of all ages at all levels of performance on the Sport & Health programme. Apply by March 31, 2015.

  • The University of Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh Summer School offers a variety of credit-bearing courses and social activities. The fee will depend upon the duration of your course. Accommodation is available.


Please inform your Faculty/Department Student Affairs Office if you wish to participate in one of the above activities.