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Carrefour Sherbrooke

  • On-site gym.
  • A bedroom at Carrefour Sherbrooke.
  • A bedroom at Carrefour Sherbrooke.

Two short blocks east of McGill campus, Carrefour Sherbrooke provides students quick and easy access to the rest of the residence community, McGill, and Montreal.

Housing over 250 undergraduate students in double rooms, this former Four-Points hotel has private bathrooms in all rooms as well as queen sized beds.

Student lounges are available throughout the building.

Given the convenient location and comfortable rooms, this is a great place for first year students to make their home, and develop friendships that will last a lifetime.

Carrefour Sherbrooke is home to the Health and Fitness Living Learning Community. Students in the Health & Fitness LLC will be able to take full advantage of Carrefour's in-house gym, as well as participate in recreational sporting events, yoga, jogging, running clubs, and more.

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Double occupancy rooms with private bathrooms.

Shared lounges located throughout the building. Please note that lounges have sinks but no stove tops/ovens.


150 rooms housing 2 male or female students per room.

Residence fees

Please see Fees for details.


The lease is 8 months in length, beginning on move-in weekend (usually the last weekend in August) and ending on April 30th with the last day of final exams.


Electricity, hot water, air condition/heating (controlled by individual thermostats) are included in the rent.


Bed, desk, dresser, lamps, drapery, wall to wall carpeting. Each room is equipped with a small fridge.

Phone and internet

Internet connection and WiFi is part of your residence rent charge.  If residents want a land line, they should contact McGill’s REZ Voice and Data Service.


Please see McGill Food and Dining Services for details.


24-hour security and front desk.


McGill Residences does not insure students' belongings. In case of theft, fire or flood, students must rely on their own insurance providers. Many home insurance plans offer benefits for students who stay in a university residence away from home - check with your insurer for details. Alternatively, ask an insurance company about their options for university residences.


On-site maintenance staff, card-operated laundry facilities, TV lounge (with cable), study room.