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Royal Victoria College

Royal Victoria College is located on the corner of Sherbrooke and University.

The study room at RVC.

One of the beautiful lounges in RVC.

A double bedroom at Royal Victoria College.

A double bedroom at Royal Victoria College.

A single room at RVC.

A single room at RVC.

Living at RVC brings you close to practically everything you need. Not only are you minutes away from downtown Montreal, you are also immediately across the street from main campus.

Founded in 1899, Royal Victoria College was originally the women's college of McGill, where women both lived and studied. As of Fall 2010, RVC is no longer designated an all-female residence. The tower of RVC has alternating single-sex floors and the west wing continues to be female-only housing.

There are several common rooms, including 2 TV rooms, a games room, an aerobics room, a study room and a large lounge that serves as a meeting place for people who want to chat, watch movies, or just hang out. Residents of RVC enjoy the convenience of a newly-renovated state-of-the-art cafeteria located in-house, and may take comfort knowing that security is provided 24/7. There is no curfew and guests are welcome in the hall, provided they are accompanied by a resident.

Royal Victoria College is home to our Fine Arts Learning Community, which connects first-year students who share a passion for art, drama, and music.




  • Single and double occupancy rooms. Washroom facilities are centrally located on each floor. Shared kitchenettes located throughout the building. Dormitory-style housing.


247 rooms housing 266 students.

Residence fees

Please see Fees for details. (Please note that rates will vary by room size.)


The lease is 8 months in length, beginning on move-in weekend (usually the last weekend in August) and ending on April 30th, the last day of the final exam period.


Electricity, hot water and heating are included in the rent.


Twin size bed and mattress, desk, chair, dresser, bookshelf, lamp, drapery, wastepaper basket. Each room is equipped with a small fridge.

Phone and internet

Internet connection and WiFi are part of residence rent fees. 

Telephone service is not provided by McGill. Students may purchase phone plans from an independent mobile service provider, or use pre-paid calling cards.


Please see McGill Food and Dining Services for details.


24 hour front desk.


McGill Residences does not insure students' belongings. In case of theft, fire or flood, students must rely on their own insurance providers. Many home insurance plans offer benefits for students who stay in a university residence away from home - check with your insurer for details. Alternatively, ask an insurance company about their options for university residences.


On-site maintenance staff, storage facilities, computer lab ( all rooms are wired for direct computer connection and wi-fi) TV lounge (with cable), large common and study room, 2 pianos, card-operated laundry facilities, ironing boards, irons available on loan and pool table.