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La Citadelle

Situated in the center of the downtown area, La Citadelle is a brand new, fully renovated, hotel style residence building that opened its doors for move-in weekend of 2012.  La Citadelle is located two blocks east of McGill campus.

Housing 286 students with both double and single rooms, La Citadelle has a large communal kitchen that is available to all of its students, as well as a cafe on the ground floor. The closest full cafeteria is located in Carrefour Sherbrooke, just across the street.

All student rooms are fully furnished and include private bathrooms, air conditioning, and a flatscreen TV. In addition to the shared kitchen, students in La Citadelle enjoy a large common area on the first floor and a quiet study room, both surrounded by windows. 

La Citadelle is also home to a thriving Food Living Learning Community, which brings together students who share a passion for food, cooking, food politics, eating, and anything else food releated.

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Double and single occupancy rooms with private bathrooms.

Full communal kitchen, a study room, and lounges located throughout the building.


58 single rooms, and 115 double rooms, housing a total of 288 male and female students.

Residence fees

Please see Fees for details.


The lease is 8 months in length, beginning on move-in weekend (usually the last weekend in August) and ending on April 30th with the last day of final exams.


Electricity, hot water, air condition/heating (controlled by individual in-room  thermostats) are included in the rent.


Bed, desk, dresser, lamps, drapery, wall to wall carpeting. Each room is equipped with a small fridge. Each room will also include a new flatscreen television with cable.

Please Note: Beds in double rooms will be deep pocket double. Beds in single rooms will be queen.

Phone and internet

Internet connection and WiFi are part of the residence rent. If residents want a landline, they should arrange this with McGill’s REZ Voice and Data Service.


Please see McGill Food Services for details on the Mandatory Meal Plan.


24-hour security and front desk.


McGill Residences does not insure students' belongings. In case of theft, fire or flood, students must rely on their own insurance providers. Many home insurance plans offer benefits for students who stay in a university residence away from home - check with your insurer for details. Alternatively, ask an insurance company about their options for university residences.


On-site maintenance staff, card-operated laundry facilities, common room, full community kitchen, study room.

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