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Hall and Room Assignment

Room reservations for first-year undergraduates

In order to reserve your space in residence and indicate your hall assignment preferences, you must complete the online contract and accommodation preference questionnaire and pay the residence deposit (payable online by credit card) on or before the reply-by deadline. For instructions on filling out the questionnaire, please see the section on room reservations. After June 3rd, any remaining residence spaces will be distributed on a first come first served basis.

How are hall assignments chosen?

As part of the room reservation process, you will be asked to indicate the residence you would most like to live in, as well as to rank your preferences from amongst the two residence accommodations offered within the Macdonald Campus residence.

For students admitted to McGill after June 3rd, residence spaces will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. While we will try to place students in the type of accommodation they prefer, room assignment will be subject to availability.

When will I know my hall and room assignment?

You will be notified wthin a week of the reply-by deadline of the hall to which you have been assigned. Room assignments are completed shortly before move-in day and you will be advised of your room number when you arrive.

What happens if I don't get one of my preferred choices of accommodation?

While McGill will do its best to accommodate every student's preferences, this will not always be possible. If you are unhappy with your residence hall or room assignment, you may request a room change after you have moved in and have had a chance to see what your hall/room is really like. Please note that no hall or room change requests will be processed until all students in temporary rooms have been moved to their permanent rooms.  Room change requests will begin to be processed on September 15th.