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McGill students do not live in a vacuum, but rather as part of the active and diverse Montreal community.  The goal of the Residence Life Community Engagement Program is to provide students with opportunities to become comfortable living in their new community and learn tools to continue their engagement beyond their time in residences.

Coordinated events between residences and Montreal community organizations encourage residence students to take their first steps giving back to their city in a friendly and comfortable environment, with their friends and floor fellows by their sides.  

Through the McGill Residence Life blog, students are linked to a plethora of resources on how to get involved in Montreal, including a weekly-updated list of opportunities ranging from volunteer trainings with Meals-on-Wheels programs, to teaching newcomers to Montreal how to ice skate. Should you have any questions, students are welcome to visit or contact the Community Engagement Residence Life Facilitator (Rez Lifer) rez [dot] life [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Eden Haber.)