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Living-Learning Communities

A Living-Learning Community (LLC) provides students with the opportunity to live alongside other residents who share a similar broad interest. With the guidance of student staff, the students who form the LLC can organize programs, attend events, and collaborate on long-term projects.

We currently support six LLCs, each one operating within a different residence. All Living-Learning Communities are available to first-year students from across academic disciplines – no particular major or focus is required for participation in the program.

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Living-Learning Communities - Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is an LLC and how is it different from a regular hall community?

A Living-Learning Community (LLC) brings students together with the common factor of a shared interest, whether it be a lifestyle preference (i.e. eco-conscious living) or a skill, talent, or hobby. There are currently five LLCs at McGill, each one housed within a different residence.  Not all students who are in an LLC residence are part of the LLC, and typically the students who are in the LLC live on the same floor or in adjacent sections of the building.  Each LLC also has a Floor Fellow from the residence who is specifically designated to support the LLC activities.

2. How do I apply to live in an LLC?

The LLC application is built into the general online residences application. If you are interested in living in an LLC, you will indicate this by checking the appropriate box on the application. You will then be asked to write about which LLC you are interested in living in (you may choose more than one), and why. Please note that we can only consider your LLC application if the housing lottery places you in the building that hosts your desired LLC. Therefore, you should rank the specific residence hall that hosts your desired LLC as your first choice on the residence application to increase your chances of being placed in that building.

3. Is there an additional housing cost for joining an LLC?

There is NO additional cost for becoming a member of an LLC.

4. Is there a waiting list?

Yes, LLC applicants are placed on a waiting list if the available spaces within the specific LLC are filled.

5. What is the time commitment for belonging to an LLC?

The time commitment for the LLCs depends on your particular involvement within the hall. We expect members to be involved in planning events, attending events, and shaping the direction of the LLC. How much time you put in is up to you. In choosing to be a member of an LLC, we hope you commit to being an active participant within the hall.

6. Am I guaranteed a spot in the specific LLC residence hall?

There is no guarantee that you will be assigned to a specific residence hall if you apply for an LLC. However, placement chances are high if you apply to an LLC and rank the corresponding residence first in the general housing lottery.

7Can I choose my roommate if placed in an LLC?

Yes, as long as both you and your roommate apply for the same LLC and are accepted. If only one of you applies and/or is accepted, then you must decide if you would rather live with your roommate or live in the LLC.

8Do I need to have a certain academic major to join an LLC?

No, all majors are welcome to join any of the LLCs.

9. I have no prior experience with the LLC themes, is that okay?

Absolutely! Prior experience is not necessary for being active in our LLCs.

10. What is the room change process for residents living in an LLC?

The room change process for residents in an LLC is the same as the process for all residents. 

11. If I live in an LLC for this year am I automatically placed in it again for the following year?

No, the LLCs are intended for first-year student involvement only. However, LLC alumni may be invited for special events.

12. I am not part of an LLC, but can I still attend their events/programs?

Yes and no. Some LLC events will be open to all students and some will be just for LLC members. Consult the Floor Fellow/Don who is supporting the LLC of interest.

13. Who do I contact for more information about the LLCs?

For more information about LLCs, feel free to contact the McGill Residence Life Office at 514-398-6368 or by emailing advisor [dot] residences [at] mcgill [dot] ca.