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Program calendars for 1999-2000

This is the McGill University 1999/2000 Calendar Archive File. Archives for other years in PDF format are accessible from the menu at left.

1999/2000 Undergraduate Programs Calendar
[as published February 1999]:

To make it faster and easier for you to access the information you need, the larger chapters have been subdivided. You can download a single part or, if you prefer to have access to the complete chapter (or the complete Calendar), download all parts/chapters to the same directory and use the links to/from the Front Page to move between them.

Front page/Table of Contents, Undergraduate Programs Calendar [.pdf] (32K)

Calendar of Dates [.pdf] (129K)

General University Information and Regulations [.pdf] (738K) 

Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, including School of Dietetics and Human Nutrition [.pdf], including School of Dietetics and Human Nutrition (1M)

Arts (Faculty of), including School of Social Work:

Section 1 [.pdf] (180K)
Table of Contents and General Faculty Information 

Section 2 [.pdf] (942K)
General Faculty Courses to French as a Second Language

Section 3 [.pdf] (886K)
French Language and Literature to Islamic Studies

Section 4 [.pdf] (789K)
Italian Studies to Philosophy

Section 5 [.pdf] (940K)
Political Science to Women's Studies

Faculty of Education [.pdf] (616K) 

Faculty of Engineering [.pdf], including School of Architecture (1150K) 

Faculty of Management [.pdf] (644K) 

Faculty of Music [.pdf] (976K) 

Faculty of Religious Studies [.pdf] (80K)

Faculty of Science, including School of Computer Science:

Section 1 [.pdf] (190K)
Tale of Contents and General Faculty Information

Section 2 [.pdf] (574K)
Anatomy and Cell Biology to Chemistry

Section 3 [.pdf] (400K)
Cognitive Science to Management

Section 4 [.pdf] (723K)
Mathematics and Statistics to Physics

Section 5 [.pdf] (441K)
Psychology to Science for Teachers

McGill School of Environment [.pdf] (263K) 

Index of Programs [.pdf] (446K) 

Health Sciences Calendar
[as published March 1999]

Front Page/Table of Contents, Health Sciences Calendar [.pdf], Health Sciences Calendar (20K) 

General University Information and Regulations [.pdf] (347K) 

Faculty of Dentistry [.pdf] (271K) 

Faculty of Medicine [.pdf] (580K)

School of Communication Sciences and Disorders [.pdf] (121K)

School of Dietetics and Human Nutrition (overview) [.pdf] (overview) (222K) 

School of Nursing [.pdf] (256K)

School of Physical and Occupational Therapy [.pdf] (310K) 

1999/2000 Faculty of Law Calendar
[as published May 1999] (917K)

Complete Calendar [.pdf]

1999/2000 Undergraduate Scholarships and Awards Calendar
[as published February 1999] (1340K)

Complete Calendar [.pdf]

1999/2000 Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research Calendar
[as published May 1999]

Front Page/Table of Contents, Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research Calendar [.pdf] (85K) 

General Information, Faculty Regulations and Research Guidelines [.pdf] (609K) 

Graduate Fellowships and Awards [.pdf] (1M) 

Index of Academic Units by Faculty - Graduate Studies [.pdf] (46K)

Academic Units:

Section 1: Table of Contents to Architecture [.pdf] (308K) 

Section 2: Art History to Chemistry [.pdf] (329K) 

Section 3: Civil Engineering to Developing Area Studies [.pdf] Area Studies (385K)

Section 4: Dietetics and Human Nutrition to Economics [.pdf] (209K) 

Section 5: Educational and Counselling Psychology [.pdf] (416K)

Section 6: Educational Studies to French Language and Literature [.pdf] (440K) 

Section 7: Geography to Law [.pdf] (432K) 

Section 8: Library and Information Studies to Mathematics and Statistics [.pdf] (514K)

Section 9: Mechanical Engineering to Music [.pdf] (508K)

Section 10: Natural Resource Sciences to Pharmacology and Therapeutics [.pdf] (371K)

Section 11: Philosophy to Quebec Studies [.pdf] (460K) 

Section 12: Religious Studies to Urban Planning [.pdf] (439K) 

Index of Graduate Programs [.pdf] (85K)