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General questions

  • Q. What does the McGill Chaplaincy do?

    A. Chaplaincy Services is an interfaith organization dedicated to spiritual and religious care in the McGill community.

    We also provide a variety of non-pastoral services to students of all faiths and beliefs, including and support for students with children, and more.

    Q. What are Chaplaincy office hours?

    A. We are open Monday to Friday, 9 am -5 pm.

Religion and spirituality

  • Q. There is no chaplain at McGill that conducts services related to my religious practice. Does Chaplaincy have information on off-campus religious centres and events?

    A. We have contacts with different faith traditions. We would be glad to assist you.

    Q. Do I have to have a particular religious affiliation to be a member of the McGill Student Parents Network?

    A. No. The MSPN is not a faith-based organization, and its activities are entirely non-religious. Its services are offered to all McGill students with children, regardless of their spiritual views.

    Q. I am considering religious conversion; can the Chaplaincy help me?

    A. We suggest that you speak with one of the chaplains (your choice) in order to explore your thoughts and get the benefit of a second opinion. Phone the Chaplaincy at 514 398-4104 or e-mail us at chaplaincy [at] mcgill [dot] ca to make an appointment.

    After the re-evaluation process, if you still wish to proceed with your decision to convert, we will be happy to assist in showing you how to to carry out your decision. Chaplains are oath-bound to maintain the privacy of your discussions.

    Q. I feel that I have lost my faith; can Chaplaincy help me?

    A. Our chaplains are available to discuss this with you, provided you are willing to engage in discussion.

    Q. Does the Chaplaincy distribute any religious texts?

    A. Individual chaplains have access to their religious literature and can help you obtain what you are looking for.


  • Q. I feel that I have been the victim of religious discrimination at McGill. Can the Chaplaincy help me?

    A. Chaplaincy can provide guidance to you on how to seek redress.

Accommodation for holy days

  • Q. One of my classes or exams is scheduled on a religious holiday. What is McGill’s policy regarding the accommodation of holy days?

    A. McGill has a policy of accommodating students to alleviate the impact of conflict between Holy Days and exams. If after raising the matter with your Course instructor the issue remains unresolved, you should contact one of the chaplains or the Chaplaincy Office. We would be happy to assist you in finding a solution.

Meeting a chaplain

  • Q. What can a chaplain do for me?

    A. The chaplains’ mandate is to provide spiritual and religious guidance. In addition, if asked, chaplains also act as counselors on personal issues that a students are trying to get a grip on. Chaplains are bound by an oath to maintain the confidentiality of all conversations with students.

    Q. How can I make an appointment to speak with a chaplain?

    A. E-mail the chaplain directly or contact the Chaplaincy Office, at either chaplaincy [at] mcgill [dot] ca or 514-398–4104.

    Q. Does Chaplaincy offer a drop-in service?

    A. You are welcome to drop by the Chaplaincy Office during working hours. We are located at 3600 McTavish, Suite 4400. We have a lounge where complimentary tea/coffee/juice service is available.


  • Q. I am not religious – can I still volunteer with the McGill Student Parent’s Network, the Yellow Door, or the Winter Coat Project?

    A. Yes! We are always looking for volunteers for our social services, regardless of their views on spirituality. To get involved, choose from the programs below:

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