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Sara Parks Ricker, Director of Chaplaincy Services Sara Parks Ricker came on board as Director of Chaplaincy Services in the Spring of 2013. However, she is not new to the McGill Chaplaincy scene, as she has been involved as a student intern with the Radix Spirituality Newsletter, the Yellow Door Community Centre, and other aspects of McGill's Spiritual and Religious Life since her acceptance as a Master's student in the Faculty of Religious Studies in 2003. Sara is now nearing the end of her PhD in Greco-Roman Judaism, with a focus on the history of women in antiquity, especially within Hellenistic Judaism and the earliest Jesus movement. Sara is a member of the United Church of Canada, but has a strong background in interfaith and multifaith work. Her vision for McGill Chaplaincy is that it be student-centred, and offer "something for everyone," even for those who don't fit nicely into any particular boxes. She is very proud of McGill's diverse team of chaplains, and looking forward to serving them and students in the coming year. Find her on Facebook at Sara At McGill Chaplaincy and Sara Parks on Greco Roman Judaism.
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