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Satisfactory Standing

Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U) Option

The Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U) option is an alternative course-specific grading scheme that lets undergraduate students take courses outside their areas of specialization without fear of decreasing their GPAs. Courses with final grades of "S" or "U" are not included in GPA calculations and do not count towards your major or minor requirements, but you do receive credit for the course if you receive a grade of "S."

Eligible students can designate one elective course to be graded under the S/U option per term, and can use the S/U grading option for up to 10 per cent of their total credits completed at McGill.

Registration for this option is done via Minerva.  Be careful though!  You can only add or remove the S/U grading option until the end of the Add/Drop period.

If you are eligible to register for the S/U option, you will receive a final grade of Satisfactory (S) or Unsatisfactory (U) instead of a letter grade. The option is available only under certain circumstances. Your advisor is the best person to talk to regarding whether or not you are eligible for this option, and whether you are using it for the right course. Learn more!

School Advisors

Service Point

Service Point has brought together newly-integrated front-line Undergraduate and Graduate student administrative services. Located on the ground floor of the McLennan Library Building in the heart of the downtown campus, Service Point will address a wide variety of students' needs. Learn more!

The many services offered at Service Point for Undergraduate & Graduate students include:



Transcript Letters

J unexcused absence (failed); the student is registered for a course but does not write the final examination or do other required work; calculated as a failure in the TGPA and CGPA
K incomplete; deadline extended for submission of work in a course
KE further extension granted
KF failed to meet the extended deadline for submission of work in a course; calculated as a failure in TGPA and CGPA
KK completion requirement waived; not calculated in TGPA or CGPA
L deferred examination
LE permitted to defer examination for more than the normal period
NR no grade reported by the instructor (recorded by the Registrar)
P pass; not calculated in TGPA or CGPA
Q course continued in next term (applicable only to courses taken pre-Fall 2002)
S satisfactory; equivalent to C or better in an elective course; not calculated in TGPA or CGPA. See "Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U) Option"
U unsatisfactory; equivalent to D or F in an elective course; not calculated in TGPA or CGPA. See "Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U) Option"
W withdrew; a course dropped, with permission, after the Course Change deadline; not calculated in TGPA or CGPA
WF withdrew failing; a course dropped, with special permission in an exceptional case, after faculty deadline for withdrawal from course, the student's performance in the course at that stage being on the level of an F; not calculated in TGPA or CGPA (Not used by Music.)
WL faculty permission to withdraw from a deferred examination; not calculated in TGPA or CGPA
NA or && grade not yet available

This information is an excerpt from the 2011-2012 Undergraduate Program Calendar. To consult the latest version, click here.

Transfer Credit vs. Exemption

Transfer Credit: Transfer credit is credit toward your McGill program granted for courses taken at another institution. Transfer credit can be granted for a specific McGill course (if the coursework is deemed to be equivalent), or as a block of credits (i.e. for CEGEP graduates).

Exemption: An exemption may be granted if you have completed a course at another institution that is equivalent to a McGill course. An exemption does not give you credit towards your degree. Rather, it means that you must take another course in the place of the one for which you receive the exemption. If you receive an exemption, you must consult your program requirements in the undergraduate calendar and speak with your program/departmental advisor to determine what course(s) you can take instead. If you're unclear about how exemptions work, your advisor can explain the details to you.  Learn more!


Unsatisfactory Readmitted Standing

Unsatisfactory Standing



Please note that students added to a section's registration waitlist do not have a guaranteed place in the class. If the section remains full, students on the waitlist will not be able to register.

Also, if you are on a waitlist, it's crucial that you check your e-mail frequently as deadlines differ depending on the course. If you are notified of a free spot and don't register quickly enough, you will lose your spot. Learn more!