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Advisor Appreciation Day 2014

Thank you to everyone who attended the event!  We hope that you found the morning both interesting and inspiring.

The second annual Advising Day event was held on Wednesday, August 20, 2014, from 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.  This year's theme was Advisor Appreciation Day and the event was open to all faculty and staff who provide advising and/or front-line support to McGill students.  We had over 150 advisors from different units across the university register and participate in the day.

Event Presentations:

Compassion Fatigue: the cost of caring for others. This presentation will introduce us to why we may be particularly vulnerable, how to recognize the symptoms and remind us of some self-care strategies we can incorporate to create a more balanced life.

Compassion Fatigue

Is the glass half empty or half full?  Dr. Lach will talk about self-care through a strengths-based perspective. Noticing strengths in yourself and in others is a skill that is based on a set of beliefs and values. Taking care of yourself therefore requires an examination of those beliefs and values. This presentation will go beyond a discussion about the self-evident things that you should be doing to practice self-care. Dr. Lach will invite you to reflect on the role that facilitative and constraining beliefs and values play in your self-care.

Self-Care in Advising

  • Leadership and Student Advising presented by Dr. Robert E. Saggers, Instructor, School of Continuing Studies

What is leadership? Are leaders born or are they made? Is leadership primarily a function of one`s organizational role? What do leaders do? To whom are they accountable? Do you consider yourself a leader? Can advising students be considered a form of leadership? What model of leadership is best suited for student advising? What skills are needed to increase leadership effectiveness? Dr. Saggers will address these questions drawing on his years of experience as an adult educator and leadership development consultant.

Leadership in Advising

Other activities:

  • Remarks from Dr. Suzanne Fortier, Principal and Vice-Chancellor
  • An interactive session with Dr. Ollivier Dyens, Deputy-Provost (Student Life and Learning), Dr. André Costopoulos, Dean of Students, and Glenn Zabowski, Associate Dean of Students
  • News and information about McGill’s Leadership Development Program from Johanne Houle, Organizational Development, Human Resources
  • Refreshments
  • Door prizes
  • Opportunities to network with colleagues


* Full Event Schedule

* A survey regarding the event can be found here.  We would appreciate your feedback!

The Advising Day Planning Committee
Kelly Cassidy, Martine Dolmiere, Rosalia Felice, Penny Kaill-Vinish, Ruth Kuzaitis, Melissa Neverson

With the valued support of:
Ollivier Dyens, Deputy Provost (Student Life and Learning)
André Costopoulos, Dean of Students
Johanne Houle, Director, Staff and Organizational Development

Thank you to our generous event sponsors: Food and Dining Services, McGill Bookstore and Enso Yoga - door prizes; Office of the Deputy Provost (Student Life and Learning) - breakfast.